Stroud International Textiles – Pairings Open

Well – we made it!

Click on the link below to view all the selected films shown at the 2012 Stroud International Textiles Pairings launch party! Hope many of you can visit this year’s exhibitions and events  and follow the artists’ blogs about their collaborative work.

For more information visit here


A Route Through – Susi Bancroft

This week saw me standing outside on a cold morning drawing on my map, through to snipping the final thread and watching it fall. A year of looking, collecting, sorting, layering, drawing, stitching, reflecting has come together: a fragile offering, is it ready to be shared?

Detail – A Route Through – Susi Bancroft  –  Remember those bus tickets ?!

making on the journey

Off to meet Sue Prichard from the V&A to discuss Mapping the Future exhibition at the Brewhouse in Taunton – public pompom activity took place whizzing along on the train!

Here we are making for curious passengers to see!

One made and up for viewing!

When we arrived at the Brewhouse there was a pom pom tree outside – got us thinking!

Sue was excited about the possibilities for our show and full of curatorial ideas – made so much progress thinking it all through!

So we celebrated on the way home with more making… a good way of showing ‘where are you now’ –  mapping makers, sharing a skill, highlighting textiles for everyone to enjoy!