Stroud International Textiles – Pairings Open

Well – we made it!

Click on the link below to view all the selected films shown at the 2012 Stroud International Textiles Pairings launch party! Hope many of you can visit this year’s exhibitions and events  and follow the artists’ blogs about their collaborative work.

For more information visit here


Preview walk through film

Hi everyone.  A quick construct of the show as a flick walk through, some apologies for the music and titles.  There is a complete walk through film (without the titles and music) which you may have a copy of on DVD if you would like.  It does record everyones work.  Just let me know.  I would need to charge for postage and the cost of the DVD which I think will come to about £5 hope that is ok?  Jayne Butler

the youtube video link is at

Lasered London Plane Pom Pom Tree

A different perspective of the Pom Pom Tree aka a London Plane Tree – laser scanned by Peter Merrett

Peter says ” The colours – The laser scanner records the 3D position of each point it surveys, but it also records the amount of energy returned from each point. This is a measure of it’s reflectivity and in the laser scanning world we call it ‘intensity’. The computer then applies an artificial colour to each different intensity.

You can select different colour ranges.

This also means that you can scan in the dark, but still get the same colour variation which is dependent on how reflective the surface is”

…thanks to Peter Merrett

Lasers at the Gallery!

Peter Merrett gave a fascinating talk at our Mapping the Future Conference in 2011 on land surveying and laser scanning.

At the Opening of the exhibition the artists and guests were treated to a rather special way of looking at both The Brewhouse building and the ‘Mapping the Future: Where Are You Now’ show itself.

Peter and his team laser measured both the building and the show and the results provide us with a unique way of viewing both.

Firstly for looking at the Brewhouse building watch this You Tube video

The laser view of the show will be posted later – watch out for it! Huge thanks to Peter and Tom.

Mapping the Future Catalogue

TFSW is delighted to be able to offer a Catalogue for sale as part of the Exhibition.

It is a 12 page publication containing:

an introductory text about the inspiration for the Exhibition, Conference in 2011 and background to the Textile Forum by Brenda Miller (Exhibition Co-Ordinator)

a review of the Mapping the Future Conference in 2011 by Tim Martin (Curator at the Brewhouse and independent artist)

an essay by Sue Prichard (Textile Curator at the V&A who guest curated the exhibition)

images of work from all 35 participating artists

a creative text incorporating phrases from all 35 artist statements about their work for the exhibition

The Catalogue is on sale at the Exhibition for £4 and is available at the Box Office

Copies can be sent to you if you email the contact address on this blog at the price of £6.50 to include postage and packing –