Stroud International Textiles – Pairings Open

Well – we made it!

Click on the link below to view all the selected films shown at the 2012 Stroud International Textiles Pairings launch party! Hope many of you can visit this year’s exhibitions and events  and follow the artists’ blogs about their collaborative work.

For more information visit here


Reviews on ‘Mapping the Future: Where Are You Now?’ Exhibition

There are now three reviews of the exhibition, which can be located at the top of the page, by clicking on the separate links. The reviews have been written by Maggie Grey, Sian Martin and Karen MacDonald and we are very grateful to them for their time and effort in producing these reviews for us.

They are all interesting and well thought out and offer different slants on the exhibition. I hope everyone enjoys reading them…..

Preview walk through film

Hi everyone.  A quick construct of the show as a flick walk through, some apologies for the music and titles.  There is a complete walk through film (without the titles and music) which you may have a copy of on DVD if you would like.  It does record everyones work.  Just let me know.  I would need to charge for postage and the cost of the DVD which I think will come to about £5 hope that is ok?  Jayne Butler

the youtube video link is at

Jillian Morris ‘Trade Routes’ and ‘Links’

‘Trade Routes’ explores my towns local links to the slave trade, and the ‘everyday’ luxuries we enjoy – tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate etc plus my favourite dyestuff – Indigo, and the locally produced goods that would have been traded. 

‘Links’ is a knitted neckpiece [sorry no image] inspired by african ceremonial pieces, but in similar style to an Elizabethan ruff. This piece brings together my thoughts, family ties and the influence of where I live and work, with my connections to Africa, through family, church and our fairtrade business.