Pompom Sue ……. Sue Prichard

We were joined on the train to Taunton on the setting up day for the exhibition by Sue Prichard, Curator of Contemporary Textiles at the V&A.

She put down the vagina she was embroidering – she was stitching this as her daughter is a member of The Shoreditch Sisters, an urban WI Group with a strong interest in craft, who have a current campaign against female genital mutilation – and joined us in a bit of light-hearted pompom making. She eventually got the hang of it and afterwards admitted to feeling ‘quite spent’ whereupon we were about to reach for the smelling salts – but after a short rest she perked up and was able to enjoy the rest of the journey!

We are indebted to Sue for her insight and professionalism in curating our Exhibition ‘Mapping the Future: Where Are You Now’

Credit to Jane Barker for the photo


Where is the Muse when you need her? Sue Prichard

I am just about to email my text for the exhibition catalogue and bemoaning the fact that the muse is still on holiday (somewhere sunny I suspect, where she is sipping a mojito whilst dipping a toe into an archingly beautiful infinity pool).  Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that 1,000 words is easier to write than 10,000.  Most frustrating of all is the editing process, where you have to abandon all the totally unique and amazing insights that no-one else has thought of, or the obscure quotes from academic papers that you spent all night researching.  Although I couldn’t get this in my text I had a flash of inspiration walking to work this morning and decided to share it with you via this blog.  In ‘The Secret History of Domesticity’, Michael McKeon describes Madeleine de Scudery’s Carte de Tendre (published in Clelia.  An Excellent new Romance (1654-60) as ‘ a cartographic concretization of abstract affective states … whose primary function is to guide readers toward a state of tender friendship or platonic love that negotiates a spectrum of dangers, including that of marriage.’  Be careful out there!