Julia Penrose – ‘The only thing I own is the shirt on my back’

I am intrigued by the idea of the accident of birth and became interested in asylum seekers. The words ‘the only thing I own is the shirt on my back’ become symbolic of those forced to leave their country with no belongings and I have used a deconstructed shirt to map this journey


Stephanie Wooster – Mapping Thought

Stephanie Wooster is a knitter working in Bristol. With this piece she explores how her work is developed through the hand and eye, the processes of cognition being a full body experience.

Resembling an anatomical illustration, action and creative critique are rendered in the structural and tactile

A Life Mapped Out – Jacqui Parkinson

You fold up a sheet

You fold up a map

And in both cases there is a journey hidden inside the folds

Point of departure – Brigitte Stockton

Mapping – A genetic and circumstantial record of life

Across cultures two people new journeys through the birth of their child. The material form of their instinctive desire to protect their child from evil becomes a swaddling embrace:

wrapped in layers of knowledge from pathways already discovered..

A cocoon for the newborn; developed from paper, cloth wadding and stitch..

Brigitte Stockton