Hosta Hoopla! Jo Beal

Last week the Mapping the Future Exhibition opened and I went along to the Private View.  Thank you to the TFSW team, Tim Martin at the Brewhouse and Sue Pritchard from the V&A, who developed and curated this exhibition.  I was thrilled to see my work in situ, so now it’s all done I thought I’d post up a few images of it in development.

The idea was to map natural shapes and forms, using line in 2 and 3 dimensions to define shape, space, contours texture and pattern.  My personal hope is that this piece of work will start to map a future of further making for me.

Hosta Hoopla! by Jo Beal.


6 thoughts on “Hosta Hoopla! Jo Beal

  1. Hi Jo
    I’m so pleased that you’ve blogged the ideas about your work. Your piece looks so fascinating in the exhibition but somehow I didn’t get the chance to ask you about it all at the preview, great work.Jane

  2. Thank you for the kind comments! Yes I’d love to find time to meet up to talk about work and share ideas and experiences. It might be possible to start/continue those sorts of conversations via this blog, or another TFSW blog that isn’t specifically about this exhibition perhaps. Best wishes, Jo.

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