Cold but stunningly sunny – Anne Amosford

I had a great day out on Monday, meeting Silvia, Susi, Brenda and Jane. the photography studio was freezing but the sun was shining and the bus journey from Exeter was stress free.

It was great to have the opportunity to take my work to be photographed, even though it is unfinished but the details Silvia took were great. As you can see above my work is based on the bus route from Exeter to Taunton. It is pure coincidence that the bus goes through many of the villages my ancestors lived in. all of them had occupations relating to the textile industry of the area so i have been making a ‘strip map’ of bus tickets linking the past with the present.

I just need to finish it now! but do visit my blog – also see the side bar and click on the Anne Amosford link!


One thought on “Cold but stunningly sunny – Anne Amosford

  1. Hi Anne – good to see your post and look at your blog too! I made a link to your blog in your post so people can look at it either from there or follow you from the link section and hopefully encourage others to look too! Best wishes and good luck with the work!

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