Brenda Miller

The photography session on Monday has been a great opportunity for me to see what my installation Knitted Horizons will  look like in a gallery. It gives me an image to post on my website –

As I am currently an AA2A artist in residence at Plymouth College of Art, I was able to get the printing done for the bag. Then when I got to the stitching it together part my sewing machine burnt out and so I had to spend the weekend hand-stitching! This is the link –

It provided a great opportunity to meet fellow artists and to really begin to get a feel of what the exhibition Mapping the Future: Where Are You Now is going to look like. All the organising put in by Jane Barker and Susi Bancroft paid off as the time was used to its maximum. We now have a great resource of images to select from for the catalogue to add to those sent independently to Tim Martin at the Brewhouse.


One thought on “Brenda Miller

  1. Hi Brenda
    You look so relaxed there with your knitting – can I come and join you? Also your AA2A post in Plymouth looks interesting, so I hope it goes well for you.
    Best wishes

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