Grand Day Out: Janet Clarke

What a beautiful day to be travelling by train to Taunton! Cold, frosty and sunshine…. The journey was made to take my piece to the Brewhouse to have it photographed. It was lovely to be met by friendly faces when I got there. The piece travelled in my rucksack and was prised out and laid on the floor. It was the first time I had seen it all together. These are my snaps – not nearly as good as the professional ones! – but it gives an idea of what it looks like.

piece laid out on the floor

Final layout of the piece.

close-up of piece



One thought on “Grand Day Out: Janet Clarke

  1. Hi Janet – it was so exciting to see people bringing work and looking at it together as Silvia photographed! Loved the way we unrolled yours and laid it out to ‘settle’ before the photo, then how you fanned it out and we all talked about the tones.

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