I-pad doodles – Sue Green

work in progress

I-pad doodles, digitally printed and surface stitched embellishments. An ongoing series of pieces for the exhibition at Brewhouse.

Based around overheard snippets of conversations whilst travelling on trains across the UK.

Print and stitch, abstract pieces.

Bit of a do

I-pad doodles

Deep in the forest


7 thoughts on “I-pad doodles – Sue Green

  1. Hi
    Not sure how to see all 3 images I posted? Any ideas?
    Susi-Thanks for email on how to upload, very straight forward I thought, but now having issues viewing images.


    • Hi Sue – great post – for ref for anyone who has uploaded a ‘gallery’ of images – when you are ready to press ‘update’ and publish your post, look underneath the ‘update’ icon – there is a box for the format of the post – ‘standard’ means showing all your images in the post, ‘gallery’ means that your post will have the images in a ‘gallery’ which you can click on to see.
      This is all very new to us all so we will learn as we go!

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